Thursday, May 26, 2011


  • ‘An architect’s most useful tools are an eraser at the drafting board and a wrecking bar at the site.’

  • ‘An idea is salvation by imagination.’

  • ‘Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.’

  • ‘Get the habit of analysis – analysis will in time enable synthesis to become your habit of mind.’

  • ‘I believe in God, only I spell it Nature’

  • ‘Mechanization best serves mediocrity.’

  • ‘Nature is my manifestation of God. I go to nature everyday for inspiration in the day’s work. I follow in building the principles which nature has used in its domain.’

  • ‘No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other.’

  • ‘No stream rises higher than its source. Whatever man might build could never express or reflect more than he was. He could record neither more nor less than he had learned of life when the buildings were built.’

  • ‘Organic buildings are the strength and lightness of the spiders’ spinning, buildings qualified by light, bred by native character to environment, married to the ground.’

  • ‘Regard it just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.’

  • ‘Space is the breath of art.’

  • ‘Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.’

  • ‘The architect must be a prophet...a prophet in the true sense of the term...if he can’t see atleast ten years ahead don’t call him an architect.’

  • ‘ “Think simple” as my old master used to say – meaning reduce the whole of its parts into the simplest terms, getting back to first principles.’

  • ‘The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes. If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it. Your life will be impoverished. But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.’

  • ‘As we live and as we are, Simplicity – with a capital ‘S’ – is difficult to comprehend nowadays. We are no longer truly simple. We no longer live in simple terms or places. Life is more complex struggle now. It is now valiant to be simple: a courageous thing to even want to be simple. It is a spiritual thing to comprehend what simplicity means.’

  • ‘I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.’

  • ‘Every great architect is – necessarily – a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.’


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