Monday, May 16, 2011


Gypcrete building panel is an eco-friendly building material manufactured utilizing industrial waste Phosphogypsum. Gypcrete is made of gypsum plaster and non-hazardous chemicals with reinforcement by micro-strand glass fibres of 13 microns, longitudinal and cross wires on inner and outer flanges as well as web to make it strong.

It is an alternative system for use as load bearing walls & floor slabs in place of RCC. The panels can be cut to any size as per the room dimensions. The panels are hollow inside (ref. Section dwg). Due to this, the presence of air cavities inside makes the panels thermally more comfortable. It is also water & fire resistant.

The panels can be used as load bearing walls for buildings upto 2 storey’s in height, without any concrete infilling. For buildings more than 2 storey’s, infill panels are to be used, wherein concrete is filled in every 3rd cavity or so.

This sort of construction can greatly reduce the time frame in construction since it is similar to prefabricating. Also, the material is sustainable in that it uses an industrial waste material as raw material.

PANEL SIZE – 3m X 12m


 Load bearing walls
 Internal non-load bearing walls
 Roof & Floor slabs
Compound walls


Load bearing
Good thermal resistance
Water & fire resistant
Termite resistant


Low embodied energy
Raw material is a waste product
Manufacturing process emits very low amounts of carbon dioxide.

All data courtesy – Gypcrete Building India


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