Friday, March 16, 2012


A train journey through the southern districts of Tamilnadu is quite a visual treat, with miles of lush green paddy fields set in a backdrop of bluish grey mountains. Especially the region south of Tirunelvelli , with all its greenery. This is especially so on a clear morning when the deep blue of the sky contrasts with the vibrant green of the paddy fields. The farmers are at work early in the morning itself, churning & manuring their fields. There are flocks of white herons flying around and also the odd peacock to add to the beauty. The towering heights of the mountain ranges often have their tops engulfed in clouds, creating a picture postcard setting. The large windmills just before Nagercoil further emphasises the pristine unspoilt beauty of nature. There are quaint little settlements of orange tiled roof houses with white walls and narrow lanes – a picture of pastoral serenity, set in the middle of lush green paddy fields and bounded by coconut palms swaying in the wind. The gentle breeze blowing across the fields caresses one along with the rhythmic movement of the train into an unspoilt, clean, green paradise that is just outside the train window.

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