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Kerala has a very strong vernacular tradition in architecture which has guided the evolution of modern architectural practices in the state. This traditional influence is visible in a lot of the works that have emerged from the state over the years. However, there are a few emerging practices that are exploring newer directions, making a lot of exciting architecture.  Read on to find out the best architectural offices for training in Kerala.

Stapati - Calicut & Cochin

Stapati is one of the most professional and creative offices in Kerala. It is a large firm with branches in Calicut, Cochin, Bangalore and Chennai. Training in Stapati is a highly enriching experience where the students are given an opportunity to broaden their overall perspective, which is not restricted to architecture alone. The advantage for students is that they get to interact directly with Ar.Tony Joseph almost on a daily basis as he is highly passionate about imparting knowledge.

Stapati Calicut –

Stapati Cochin

SpaceA.R.T, Calicut

Founded by architects Vinod Cyriac and Anita Choudhuri, the firm is a great place for internship - a balance of good architecture and fun.  Their characteristic style is of exposed brick structures with which they fashion beautiful and earthy spaces. Do check out their works at   before applying.

‘5 reasons to work at SpaceART’, in their own words –

·         We offer unlimited potential for growth
·         SpaceART recognizes individual contribution
·         All employees are empowered with responsibility and authority
·         SpaceART follow international standards and best practices
·         We offer career advancement opportunities across multiple sectors

You can upload your portfolios at -

Contact –

JCJR Partnership– Architect Jayakrishnan & Chitra Nair, Trivandrum

Based in Trivandrum, JCJR partnership is one practice which has matured tremendously over the years and is presently producing some really good works. This husband and wife duo forms a great team and a student can definitely get inspired by the beautiful sketches that Jayakrishnan draws, to document the various places he travels to.

You can send your resume to -


Fahed Architects, Cochin

Architect Fahed Abdul Majeed is one of the most exciting young architect exploring new horizons in the built environment of Kerala. Very interesting details, usage of interesting materials and unique design solutions characterize his works.

BSA Architects, Manjeri

Architect Brijesh Shaijal’s unique practice is a great place to learn about the practical and innovative aspects of the profession


De Earth, Calicut

Architects Vivek PP and Nishan’s works are very interesting for their exploration of various typologies and material qualities

Mobile: +91 9947493333

For a detailed eBook - 

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SUJITH.G.S is an architect and writer, with a passion for travelling, experiencing cultures, studying vernacular architecture as well as contemporary currents, which form the basis for his writing and blogging. You can contact him at

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