Monday, November 7, 2016

Preparing your architecture portfolio - 'Yo is More'

Check out this innovative introduction letter for an application to BIG by young job applicant √Čtienne Duval. Definitely got Bjarke's attention, and the rest of the world's as a matter of fact !


You can now avail this great resource for creating your best portfolio, which is essential in this highly competitive age - either to get into good firms for internships, applying for your masters or for getting that coveted job.

Get full access to 'How to prepare an Architecture Portfolio' 

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SUJITH.G.S is a practising architect and writer, with a passion for travelling, experiencing cultures, studying vernacular architecture as well as contemporary currents, which form the basis for his writing and blogging. He has been recently selected as part of the iGen 2017, the 50 most promising upcoming young architects in India.

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