Sunday, December 31, 2017

Is hand sketching relevant?

Hand sketching is still relevant for architects and student architects. It is a tool to record and explore ideas,to quickly translate them onto paper, directly from one's mind. That process, in spite of all the advances in softwares is still best done using one's hands.

Student architects should focus on developing their hand drawing skills as much as possible, as along with software proficiency, sketching is equally, if not more important.

And it shouldn't be confused with artistic drawing. Architecture sketching is completely different from making pretty pictures. It has more to do with developing ideas, which can be developed further and fine tuned.

The ability to sketch is an important skill which most of the good architects would appreciate while shortlisting candidates for internships and even jobs. So keep improving  your sketching abilities and confidently add those wonderful sketches to your portfolios.

SUJITH.G.S is a practising architect and a writer, with a passion for travelling, experiencing cultures, studying vernacular architecture as well as contemporary currents, which form the basis for his writing, blogging and architecture . He has been recently selected as part of the iGen 2017, the 50 most promising upcoming young architects in India.

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