Tuesday, August 16, 2011


1947 - 2007
All these years have been a long and rather unusual journey. The drops which coalesced at the source gradually became a spring, then a river and now a part of many rivers. In the process of this journey, many lands were traversed, some open and some controlled. There were moments when the floe ebbed, even stopped, but the stagnation gave rise to a lake. Then the floods overpowered the embankments and pulled me out of the slumber.
The journey saw many lands, forests and gardens over many a seasons. In the process, the river drank the water sanctified by great visionaries and the water began to raise questions. The muddy waters began to clear and the journey finally found its path.
Though still not clear, there is a path and pulling strong because deep within, the silent waves of the ocean are heard. It appears that the vast ocean has much to say to the river and the drops which have come a long way. Everything is interrelated. From the design of a pin to a design of a metropolis. All that one needs to understand is the differences in the scales and their sphere of impacts.
I also realize that even though each object, issue and design should have its own identity, it cannot be conceived in isolation since identity is a mere comparison with what is immediately around and very often this perception is short sighted. All choices of technologies or materials or functions should be born out of their own nature & needs. Their own evolutions gives it a character and demonstrates to us its purpose or use. Hence what we need to do is to allow the purpose of existence to find its relatedness or application.
Time or style likewise is a limited notion. It can easily be set aside if we realize that all that we are presently perceiving is through our memories of the past and present and that there are layers which must be seen together and not as a fragmented issues be they of art, architecture or life. It is therefore essential that we look from a distance with eternity or timelessness as the basis so that our solutions are wholistic and enduring.


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