Tuesday, August 16, 2011


'The underlying intention of the design for the TCS offices is to present a monolithic element hollowed out on the inside and open towards the city. As a single volume, the construction enhances the features of the site, accentuating the existing landform and making it an integral part of the construction, both formally and materially.'
As one approaches from the cyber towers, passing the mounds of natural rock, the first major building one notices, along with the cyber gateway is the TCS building.
As the road twists and turns, the viewpoint keeps shifting, thereby revealing the building gradually.As soon as it is visible, it arouses one's curiosity as it resembles a large monolithic rocky chunk standing out from the rocky landscape.
View from the entrance

Glazing allows light into the interiors


The entrance through the guard room

Design tries to have as little impact as possible on the site. Thus the level differences and slope of the site were taken into consideration to keep the leveling and excavation to a minimum. New landscaping and planting try to create a tree cover and lawns on the previously rocky and barren site.

The vertical fins act as architectural elements, giving scale and textural contrasts to the building. Rhythmic repetition creates an interesting pattern on the building facade. The depth of the vertical fins shades the full length glazing in between, thereby heavily reducing the heat gain through the glazing.
Massing has been done to maximize the mutual shading. Each wedge acts as a sun barrier for the other. Thus through mutual shading, the heat intake of the building is reduced significantly, leading to savings in air-conditioning and electricity costs. The massing also allows maximum natural light into the interiors. Thus, the unique form of the building allows plenty of light to stream in. There is high demand for seats next to the windows due to the advantages of the natural light and also due to the beautiful views offered. Also, there is considerable savings in  electricity charges for lighting


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