Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Rear-ventilated exterior wall claddings serve to improve the weather protection, the external appearance and the thermal insulation of buildings. The wide colour choice of MAX EXTERIOR and the various installation forms of suspended facades, offer the owner and the planner maximum design possibilities. MAX EXTERIOR can be installed on many conventional metal and wooden sub constructions from the various manufacturers.
MAX EXTERIOR is a high-quality building product, which is used as a large-format, flat panel specially for long-lasting balcony and facade claddings.MAX EXTERIOR panels are duromer high-pressure laminates

(HPL) conforming to EN 438 Type CGF with additional, extremely effective, weather protection. They are produced in lamination presses at great pressure and high temperature from lengths of natural fibre which have been impregnated with synthetic resin. As a result of the described production process - which has no negative effects on the environment - MAX EXTERIOR panels have the following excellent properties:
v High weather resistance

v  Optimal light-fastness

v  Scratchproof

v  Even better solvent resistance

v  Impact resistant

v  Resistant to adverse environmental influences (acid rain)

v  High mechanical strength (no risk of breaking)

v  Self-supporting

v  Bending resistant

v  Impact proof

v  Vandal proof

v  Decorative

v  Resistant to contamination by animals (urine resistant)

v  Easy to clean (e.g. spray graffiti)

v  Resistant to water and steam

v  Non-corroding and durable



I have been receiving a lot of requests from students for details on HOW TO PREPARE A GOOD ARCHITECTURE PORTFOLIO. 

Taking this into consideration, I have compiled a detailed booklet on how to create a great portfolio, which will guide you through the detailed process, including identification of materials, ideal layouts, graphics and rendering styles, text placements, photographing your models....an exhaustive list which will guide you step by step.

You can now avail this great resource for creating your best portfolio, which is essential in this highly competitive age - either to get into good firms for internships, applying for your masters or for getting that coveted job.

Get full access to 'How to prepare an Architecture Portfolio' !!!

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  1. Hey! I'm an architecture student from Bangalore,and I have to study a new or relatively new building material in the indian market. do you know how old fundermax panels are in india?or can you suggest any other recent building materials?-Shravani Rao

  2. Hey inkyfingers! Fundermax is around 2-3 years old in India as far as I know...also, you can check out some interesting false ceiling materials like fibre false ceiling, stretch false ceiling etc.

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  4. I am not an architecture student,but a doctor who studied architecture for 1 month and then left for medicine.Still architecture is my passion and your blog is fantastic.I liked this article in particular,are these panels used in TVM?I would certainly love to have those on my exterior walls!

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