Sunday, February 17, 2019


Let's face it, an architecture portfolio is your most important document to get that coveted internship position, or that first job. It is the basis of your selection into a good firm, the single document based on which 90% of decisions are made. 

Almost all architects make their decisions based on the quality of your portfolio. Most of the time, one doesn't get an opportunity to present your work directly. Thus, the value of a good portfolio can't be stressed enough.

Today, there is immense competition to get into the good firms of architecture for internships. Let me give you some numbers. As on February 2017, there are more than 500 architecture colleges in India. Now, assuming an average strength of 60 students per batch per college, that is a minimum of 30,000 students per batch in any given year. And that number is only going to go up as new colleges keep coming up daily. In such a situation, the competition for architecture internship positions in good firms is extremely intense.

The really good firms who are doing great work in India is again limited. So it is imperative that if one is serious about succeeding in his / her career, you have to get into these good firms for internships. This will mould you to be ready for the profession once you pass out and will make the search for the first job a lot more easier.

The firm in which you did your internship adds a lot of value in your resume. It conveys that you were good enough to get in there in the first place and that you've been trained well and will add a lot of weightage to any job that you are applying for. And the learnings will be incremental. You will grow up as a person and not just improve technically.

So give your best shot at preparing a good portfolio, one that will be compelling enough to get you that coveted internship position.