Saturday, August 20, 2016

Idyllic Koottaala in Thrissur

I recently had the opportunity of visiting a really beautiful but relatively unknown place in Thrissur called as Koottala. Koottala is one of the most idyllic, pristine places that I've seen and is just a stone throw away from Mannuthy, hardly 10 mins away. Lush green fields and vegetation, interspersed with water bodies offer a very relaxing ambience. The recently widened highway to Palakkad gives a very seamless and quick access to this place. Yet, it is the unspolit, virgin natural beauty that really attracted me, with lush greenery all around. There is a lot of cultivation and fields with plenty of water all through the year and the great thing is that all this natural beauty is present with the added advantage of proximity to Thrissur city as well as the fast developments happening along the the highway. The Malabar Integrated Township is just beyond Mannuthy, hardly 10 minutes away and Bobby Chemmanur's proposed Oxygen City is right in front of Koottala. Other places include the Kerala Agricultural University and the Peechi Dam. Considering all these things, Koottala is an ideal place to locate one's home to fully realize the tremendous benefit of living in a naturally pristine rustic location, yet one which has all the advantages of connectivity and a modern amenities