Friday, October 7, 2011


 A lot of us are interested in Earth architecture and construction, but dont have sufficient resources to get started. 'The Muddy Micromanuals' are just that...a beautiful introduction to the amazing world of earth architecture. Basic concepts are explained in a very simple illustrative manner so that anyone is able to grasp it and is sprinkled with a healthy dose of humour...

The Muddy Micromanuals!
"The Muddy Micromanuals are an invitation to the world of building with earth by four of the most ancient techniques known to (wo)man!"

This series of five booklets intends to introduce you to four earth construction techniques that have been instrumental in shaping the world that we live in:
Adobe, Cob, Rammed Earth and Wattle & Daub
These tiny booklets are designed to deliver just about enough information to give you a flavour of the subject matter, but to keep you hungry for more! And although not strictly necessary, this mucky matter could be consumed with the natural additive provided (for better digestion)..

You can download the micromanuals here:

Part I: The Natural Additive -
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