Monday, November 21, 2011


The first thing one notice inside the Bangalore airport is the massive roof. Inclined curved precast concrete slabs spanning massive spaces. I must say the overall effect is interesting. They are basically another derivation of the northlight trusses. Here the light coming in washes the curved profile of the slabs creating interesting shadows and profiles. The space is monumental, large and well...spacious. The large amount of natural light coming in further enlivens the entire space and makes the space appear full of life. This provides an ideal setting for the bustling activities inside the space – people travelling across the space, people waiting to catch the next flight, the rich colours of the retail area inside, the constantly packed cafe, and of course, more people... The design is very simple, but what carries it off are the ceiling & the gorgeous colour palette of the interiors. The entire space composed of a neutral colour palette - greys, blacks and white, stunningly contrasted with turquoise green glass cladding, which brings in the much needed life into the space.


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