Monday, August 6, 2012


  • Certainly architecture is concerned with much more than just its physical attributes. It is a many-layered thing. Beneath and beyond the strata of function and structure, materials nad texture, lie the deepest and most compulsive layers of all. And these can manifest themselves not only in epic monumental architecture, but in projects of a much smaller, more humble scale as well.
  • There is something intrinsically awesome in mountain ranges like the Himalayas, and in great seas and oceans, that triggers the metaphysical in us and turns our thoughts towards the non-manifest.
  • For our habitat is not created in vacuum – it is the compulsive expression of beliefs and aspirations (implicit & explicit) that are central to our lives.
  • The complex and ambiguous relationship between man and nature is central to Indian architecture
  • In fact, if you think about it, all great architecture, from the Oak Park Houses of Frank Lloyd Wright to the temples of Kyoto, is – in that sense – regional. The buildings speak to us powerfully and eloquently of their time and place – that is why they become universal. Those Wright houses in Chicago’s suburbs could not have been built in London, or in Delhi. Like Chartre & Fatepur Sikri, they are rooted in the soil on which they stand.
  • Architecture is not a queue in which we all have to line up, with perhaps the Americans ahead, or the Chinese behind. No, each of us has the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of where we live. No one else can do that. It’s up to us to understand that opportunity.


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  1. The architect who builds a glass tower in the middle of the Arabian desert will justify the design with a hundred different reasons - except possibly the real one, which is the unconscious attempt to recreate the mythic imagery of what is perhaps the quintessential city of the twentieth century: Houston, Texas. "Architecture for Islamic Societies today-