Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Bali Bible for Architects - Warisan


Stumbled on this very interesting and vibrant courtyard inside the Warisan. Warisan is a shop cum display of beautiful furnitures and antiques, which are tastefully spread-out in a sprawling sloping roof building. it is the central courtyard which draws one in - a wonderful open air dining space which is enlivened by the flickering shadows of the beautiful frangipani trees in the corners. There are tables arranged in the shaded verandahs with their deep eaves, which forms a layer all around the courtyard.Rustic flooring, simple elegant furnitures, dark wooden battens and partitions, lush landscaping, all combine together to create a unique space which becomes all the more active as the day winds to a close! Do check it out for a beautiful experience.

Check out 'Bali by Design' on Flipkart for some inspiring architecture designs from Bali!

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