Saturday, May 28, 2016

Top 10 Bathroom Design Ideas for the modern home, by Sujith.G.S

Traditionally, bathrooms were spaces hidden away from view with only basic necessities and functionality. Today, people are opening up their bathrooms and flaunting the spectacular designs and luxurious accessories, making their own unique style statements. Right from TVs to Jacuzzis and fancy showers – a modern bathroom has it all. With homes becoming more and more opulent and designer, what better way to create exclusiveness than to have a custom designed, trendy bathroom?
Bathrooms have come a long way since the days of the plain ceramic tile and the ubiquitous Indian closet. Today, European closets, bidets, wash basin counters, shower cubicles and the like have become the norm. People are constantly looking at newer trends and styles. 

Dive in and take a look at the Top 10 Bathroom Design Ideas for the modern home – 

Nature is the ultimate luxury – Natural light, greenery and good ventilation is the new mantra for a contemporary bathroom. Adding that little patch of green can go a long way in enlivening the ambience of a bathroom, which in today’s fast paced life is the ideal stress reliever.

The stand alone bathtub – Having a free standing bathtub to relax is the perfect way to pamper oneself. Open up the bedroom and bathroom into a single space by using sliding door to create a seamless ambience. The standalone bathtub would be the cynosure of this space, adding class and sophistication.

Fill it up with quirky accessories – Small things matter in a bathroom. Add that touch of vibrancy to the space by using artistic accessories like bespoke towel rods, uniquely shaped soap dishes, or colourful funky cups for holding toothbrush and other paraphernalia. Go wild with accessories, which could also be curios collected during travels to various places.

Play with materials – Compared to the early days when ceramic tiles were the staple fare, there are a plethora of options today, with an amazing range of designs, patterns, textures and brands to choose from. Rustic natural stones add a lot of class to the bathroom, which can be complemented by newer materials like copper, bronze, chrome, travertine etc.

Use hand-painted tiles – Hand painted tiles for the walls can increase the chic quotient of any space. Athangudi tiles from Chettinadu are perfect for this. Combine these with a neutral material palette like that of polished cement finish, to create a refined and sophisticated space.

Add a dose of Art – Good art shows refined taste. Thoughtfully chosen art will add plenty of character and charm to a bathroom and can guide the tone of the entire space. Make sure that the size of the artwork goes with the scale of the space.

Get a designer mirror – Mirrors are one of the most neglected objects in a bathroom. For creating a stunning space, get a custom designed mirror which will go with the overall ambience and character of the space.

The open air shower – For the bold at heart, create an open air shower in your bathroom. There is nothing as uplifting as having a shower in the open, provided, the design ensures sufficient privacy from prying eyes. 

Go for a monochromatic colour scheme – Accentuate the minimalistic elegance of a space by using a monochromatic colour palette. Remember to add a dash of a bright colour to bring in an element of playfulness.

Paint it Black – There is nothing as mysterious and seductive as a rich black surface. Use black selectively, combining it with various textures to enhance the classiness of a space.
Today, one is spoilt for choice when it comes to creating a stunning bathroom. All that is required is a creative frame of mind and a discerning eye. Follow the above ideas to create a stunning bathroom guaranteed to make one feel like royalty!

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