Thursday, March 1, 2018

Is hand drawing or drafting knowledge enough for internships?

Well it's a no brainer really. While hand drawing skills are highly coveted in today's world, it is primarily used for designing and to a lesser extent for presenting your ideas to a third person.  

However, in almost all the architecture firms, drafting of drawings is done using softwares. Drafting softwares helps one achieve increased speed, accuracy  and efficiency, which is highly necessary in today's competitive world. This would have a direct bearing on the profitability of the firm.

As an intern or a young architect, it is mandatory that you know how to draft using softwares, as otherwise, most of the firms will find it difficult to accommodate you.

So, if you are still not up to date with your drafting softwares, I suggest that you start immediately. Learning a software is very similar to driving. You get better and better as you do it more and more. So start immediately because that is something which has a direct bearing on your value.

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